The 10 Best Anti-Theft Smart Wallets That Will Fit in Your Pocket

If you've had your wallet stolen, you know it can be a stressful experience. But what if your wallet could actually protect itself? These anti-theft smart wallets do just that, using the latest in Bluetooth and anti-theft technology.

Have you ever had your wallet stolen? While it's a fairly common occurrence, It can really be a drag. You need to have all your IDs, credit, and debit cards reissued (and report them missing in the meantime), try to remember how much money you had in your wallet in the first place, and now you have to worry about things like identity theft, too. But what can be done to prevent it?

Theft prevention wears many hats these days, and one of these is the anti-theft smart wallet. With built-in anti-theft and/or tracking protection, these handy pocket-sized wallets can help keep you and your moolah together. 

Here's our breakdown of a few notable wallets on the market right now:

  • Most impressive features & technology: Baggizmo Wiseward
  • Largest selection of products: Woolet 
  • Most innovative design: Wocket
  • Best for the minimalists: FOCX
  • Best if you often notice things missing from your wallet: Cashew

Now, let's dive into the top 10 anti-theft smart wallets.


Dutch-created Ekster smart wallets have built-in trackers powered by ultra-slim solar panels which connect to a Crowd-GPS network through the TrackR app with over 5 million active users. 

The wallet features quick card access button (pictured above, lower left of the wallet) and RFID protection from wireless skimming as bonus features. Plus, it only takes 3 hours of sunlight to power the wallet for a whole month, too.

With its super slim design, you can easily fit an Ekster wallet in your pocket.

Ranging in price from $69 - $99,  these anti-theft wallets vary in size and feature. You can also just buy the tracker itself for $49 if you'd prefer. 

Here's our handy comparison summary of Ekster:

Ekster wallet card capacity: The Senate can fit 7+ cards, and has a cash strap and pocket strap to eliminate bulk inside the sleek, slim folds of the wallet. The Parliament is a bit larger, fitting up to 9 cards and/or cash in its scanner card pocket. It also features additional pockets and a multi-purpose strap. You can also get both of them with the tracker added for about $20 more, as well as items like an iPhone case with room for a hidden stash of cash and a tracker. 

Waterproof? The leather does not appear to be waterproof. Trackers are water-resistant, but not waterproof. The site's FAQ advises they be kept away from water.

Anti-theft security features: The trackers are not actually anti-theft, but are designed for tracking the wallets once they've been stolen or misplaced. The site's FAQ states, "They are designed for people who tend to lose their belongings."

Bluetooth tracking capabilities: You'll need Bluetooth turned on in your phone in order for the TrackR app and Ekster tracking wallets to work.

Wireless charging specs: The trackers are solar-powered, so leaving them outside your wallet for 2 hours will charge it for up to one month. The site FAQ includes this warning, however: Do not store tracker in high temperature heated environments, such as inside of car in direct sunlight on hot days. Otherwise the casing might be subject to overheating and melt.

Solar-powered? Yes, see above answer.

Ekster smart wallet lifespan & battery life: There's no indication how long these wallets will last, but their warranty and refund policy is listed here.

App: You'll need the TrackR app to track these wallets.


Volterman packs a lot of punch into one little wallet with a built-in power bank so you can (charge your phone with your wallet!), a handy global WiFi hotspot, hidden thief detector camera, and Bluetooth alarm system.

You can also adjust your settings to receive notifications when your phone is left too far behind, or press a button to make your phone ring — even when it's set to silent. 

You can also track your wallet worldwide with global GPS free of charge.

The coolest part of all? There's a hidden camera inside the wallet that activates when it's reported lost. The first person who opens it after that is photographed, and the pics are emailed to you. 

Ranging in price from $115 - $179, you can get the 3 Volterman wallets on their Indiegogo site, as well as any of several add-ons or package deals, here.

Here's our handy comparison summary of Volterman:

Volterman wallet card capacity: It depends on the wallet. You can fit 8 - 10 cards in the bi-fold wallet, and the travel wallet has room for many cards in its 4 inner pockets - usually a passport and other similar type documentation and a few more in its larger inside pocket. The cardholder can hold up to 10 cards in its pockets. There is no space for coins in any of them.

Waterproof? The Indiegogo site states Volterman products are indeed waterproof. Volterman wallets can be made with either genuine Nappa leather or vegan leather — customers choose at time of order.

Anti-theft security features: Volterman smart wallets have a distance alarm, global GPS tracking, and a built-in anti-thief camera. 

Bluetooth tracking capabilities: The Bluetooth alarm will sound anytime you've left your wallet behind for too large of a distance span.

Wireless charging specs: Volterman anti-theft wallets works both wirelessly or with a hidden cable. You can charge it wirelessly with your phone. It takes 3-4 hours to charge the wallet and perhaps a bit longer (3-5 hours) to charge the phone.

Solar-powered? No.

Volterman smart wallet lifespan & battery life: There is no indication of how long the wallets will last, but the team states they've been working hard to make them durable and resistant. The built-in power bank is rechargeable, but not replaceable.

App: Yes, you will need the Volterman apps, available for iOS and Android


  • Impressive innovation
  • Slim, chic and attractive
  • Helps find your phone even if it's set to silent mode
  • Takes a picture of your wallet thief when they open the wallet and emails it to you


  • Since the power bank is embedded in the wallet, you'll need to replace the wallet when it no longer holds a charge
  • Must still purchase in indiegogo mode

Bottom Line:

Very cool technology, especially useful if you're prone to losing your wallet or phone. They aren't cheap though, and they won't actually prevent theft, so keep that in mind.

Wocket Wallet

Introduced by its creators as the 'smartest wallet you'll ever own,' the Wocket Wallet may possibly be just that. 

With claims that it can replace your entire wallet, as well as all of your credit and debit cards, store all your passwords, and more, Wocket seems the first of its kind on the market. It's also a stand alone wallet, meaning you don't need to connect it to your phone to get it to work.

The wallet comes with a scanner which allows you to scan your credit cards into the device (you actually swipe them in, just like you swipe them at a store's card reader), where their information is then stored. Anytime you want to use your Visa, voila — it's in there. 

Want to use your Discover card instead? Yup, it's in there too, as well as the rest of the cards you scanned in! You won't need to carry 6 - 10 or more plastic cards around anymore — you can just bring one along, the Wocket.

Here's our handy comparison summary on Wocket:

Wocket wallet card capacity: You can enter all of your cards into the Wocket, as well as passwords to accounts and social media, membership cards for the gym, library cards, even your driver's license info (they suggest you carry your real D.L. with you too, though — there's an extra card holder accessory for this). As a rule of thumb, pretty much anything with a magnetic stripe on its back can be scanned into the Wocket!

Waterproof? This information could not be located, but we are going to advise you keep yours from getting wet until further notice.

Anti-theft security features: It currently unlocks with your PIN, but soon is expected to use voice match technology.

Bluetooth tracking capabilities: Not yet, but rumors are circling on future developments of various types.

Wireless charging specs: You will need to use the cord included in the package. It generally holds a charge for about a year with normal usage, so you won't need to charge it back up very often!

Solar-powered? No.

Wocket smart wallet lifespan & battery life: Not sure about the wallets, but the batteries only need charge about once annually.

App: Yes, you'll need the app, available on both iOS and Android


  • Streamlines all your transactions into one easy step
  • Excellent customer service - don't hesitate to contact them if you have trouble; they will surely respond and help you out
  • Available for $179, a reasonable price for this device (although currently sold out, you can get on a waiting list for when they become available again here)


  • Some had needed to press hard when entering numbers on the screen as it doesn't always register that it's been entered with the first press
  • Some had difficulty using the Wocket as a credit card after info was scanned in; debit cards appeared to work fine (it's recommended you bring another card or cash with you in case of this ). Some had trouble when using a chip reader — Wocket works best with a simple scan, but sometimes still gets refused. 
  • Businesses unfamiliar with the Wocket Wallet may be hesitant to allow it to be scanned

Bottom Line:

Great for anyone who needs to thin out their wallet and can patiently work through a few bugs here and there until the full technology unfolds as promised. Want to snag a Wocket but you still have unanswered questions? The company can be reached via their contact page for further info.


The first smart wallet that uses a fingerprint sensor to ensure only you are able to access your wallet, the Cashew Wallet is a few leaps ahead in the game. With RFID protection and GPS built in, Cashew also sends a notification to your phone whenever you've strode to far away from it.

Here are a few more of Cashew Wallet's impressive features:

It's super easy to set up, as well:

To get into your Cashew Wallet, just press the button on its cover until the green light turns on, then open your wallet to get what you need.

Available in 4 different colors (black, maroon, pink, and blue), the Cashew Wallet is still in the Kickstarter phase - but is expected to ship at the end of August 2018. Pre-order one for yourself here for $149 and free shipping

Here's our handy comparison summary on Cashew:

Cashew wallet card capacity: Cashew can hold 7 cards and 20 dollar bills. There is no space for coins.

Waterproof? Cashew wallets are water-resistant and scratch-proof

Anti-theft security features: Cashew smart wallets are equipped with the above-named fingerprint authentication ensuring only you are able to access the wallet (or others you've allowed access — it can store up to 20 fingerprints). They also have tracking features when you leave the wallet behind or it is lost or stolen. Additionally, if someone tries to break into your wallet, it will emit a buzzing noise as an alarm.

Bluetooth tracking capabilities: Yes.

Wireless charging specs: The rechargeable battery will last up to 4 months (some insist it's more like 9 months depending upon usage) when fully charged, which takes about 2-3 hours to complete.

Solar-powered? No.

Cashew smart wallet lifespan & battery life: This information is not available, but the battery's charge can last up to 4-9 months.

App: Yes, you will need the mobile app for Cashew.


  • Prevents wallet access without fingerprint authentication/buzzes if try to break into it
  • Notifies your phone if you leave the wallet behind
  • Tracks wallet if taken or lost
  • You can press a button on your phone to make your wallet buzz when you've lost it
  • Holds a charge for 4-9 months


  • Won't ship until the end of August
  • Some had difficulty with bluetooth connection

Bottom Line:

The Cashew anti-theft smart wallet is great for anyone who often notices things missing from their wallet. It won't necessary prevent theft (someone could still walk away with the wallet and break into it later), but tracking features might lead you to it. A good deal at $149, but it doesn't ship until the end of August — so you'll need to be patient.


Do you lose your keys or your credit cards more than you lose your wallet? Don't sweat it! You'll easily keep your wallet and your keys and your cards with you with a Walli Wallet.

Bluetooth and GPS-enabled, Walli lets you know if you've left your wallet behind by sending a notification to your phone. You can also find out where it is when it sends you its last known location (or the last time your phone and wallet were connected). 

Once you return to the last  known location, you can make the wallet beep (at 90 dB), so if it's lying on the  floor somewhere (or in the wrong person's pocket), you can hear it and find it. Of course, it can find your phone too. Tap the Walli Wallet twice and your phone will ring if it's within range.

The setup is a cinch: You'll just download the Walli app to your phone, then connect it to your wallet and set your preferences. 

The coolest part of the Walli Wallet is this: it can also let you know if you haven't put that credit card back in your wallet after you took it out to pay the barista. You'll get a notification about that just like you would if you left your wallet behind!

There's still more: Add Walli's Key Finder to help you find your keys! It's a key ring that your phone can detect just like your wallet - and the key ring can help you find your phone if it's lost too. Brilliant!

When you're ready to buy, you can pre-order and get 25% off your first order here. Available in their bestselling blue/teal color, the Walli is priced at $89 currently, and is set to be in stock again within 4-5 weeks. 

Here's our handy comparison summary on Walli:

Walli wallet card capacity: The Walli comes with 6 card slots and 2 cash slots. There are no recognizable spaces for coins (although one does have a zipper, so it could possibly work for coins).

Waterproof? This information is not found, but since it's made of leather, probably not.

Anti-theft security features: Walli smart wallets notify you if you leave your wallet or cards behind, can tell you their last known location, and beeps to help you find your keys as well as the rest.

Bluetooth tracking capabilities: Yes.

Wireless charging specs: The Walli does not require charging. Instead, it comes with a replaceable coin cell battery that should last for up to 6 months, then can be swapped out easily with a new one.

Solar-powered? No.

Walli smart wallet lifespan & battery life: It's uncertain how long they will last, but their batteries are expected to last about 6 months before needing replaced.

App: Yes, you'll need the Walli app, compatible with iOS and Android.


  • Notifies you when credit cards are not replaced, as well as when wallet has been left behind
  • Affordable
  • Smooth to the touch
  • Finds wallet, finds phone, finds keys


  • Cannot recharge batteries; they require replacement instead (although it's only every 6 months, it still seems wasteful)
  • Won't be in stock for several weeks

Bottom Line:

If you forget your card or your keys just as much (or more) than you misplace your wallet, the Walli is for you. Smooth and sleek with space for all your cards and a little cash to boot, you'll get all the reminders you need from the Walli Wallet, set to your preferences.


The world's first modular, magnetic smart wallet, the Pitaka MagWallet UE lets you stack your stuff securely in its layers, easily accessible with the flick of a wrist protects from RFID skimming

The MagWallet UE's simple design protects from RFID skimming as well, which is done with its first module — the 'anti-degaussing module'.

From there, you'll find the second module, the 'box layer', where you can magnetically stash your keys, coins, sim cards, and more.

Next comes the 'money clip' module, where you can clip in some cash, or more cards if you prefer

The extra layers can each hold two more cards, and you can add these as you wish.

Finally, the MagWallet UE is magnetic, so it attaches to another Pitaka gem, the MagBar, for easy storage where you won't lose or forget it. Pair it up with Pitaka's magnetic phone case and other products to store all your essentials magnetically together.

You can buy it here for $89, and some had had luck finding it on Amazon as well (be careful of knockoffs buying it elsewhere)

Here's our handy comparison summary on Pitaka:

Pitaka MagWallet card capacity: The standard UE holds 6 cards, and any extra layers you add can each hold two more cards. The money layer holds a few bills and the box layer can hold a few coins and other items.

Waterproof? This information isn't found, but it's fire-resistant, so that's cool

Anti-theft security features: RFID-blocking. 

Bluetooth tracking capabilities: No.

Wireless charging specs: N/A.

Solar-powered? No.

Pitaka smart wallet lifespan & battery life: Pitaka smart wallets are built to last forever with durable materials. There are no batteries.

App: No.


  • Handy storage of wallet with other essentials if you opt for the MagBar
  • Unique, eye-catching design
  • Slimmer than a deck of cards


  • Some complained the MagWallet erased their magnetic strip on their cards
  • Some said their cards were too big to fit into the wallet

Bottom Line:

A  minimalist, attractive design and fun alternative to traditional wallets. Store handily with your phone if you've bought the Pitaka phone  case and Mag Mount. You'll turn heads when you bust out this wallet to  pay for dinner - but not if your cards' magnetic strips have been  erased. Bring some cash in case this happens to you. Read through the  reviews before buying. Some loved this wallet and gave it a firm 5  stars; others felt it was entirely useless.


The Woolet anti-theft smart wallet does a lot of what we've already discussed — and a whole lot more. It can tell you when you've left your wallet behind and make it beep so you can find it if misplaced, as expected by now. It can also show you its current location on your phone, prevent RFID skimming of your cards, and some models even emit an anti-theft alarm.

But that's not all. Woolet has an impressively large selection, with some models able to record sound and take a selfie via your phone by pressing a button on the wallet. Some also have an LED flashlight you can enable to find your way through the dark. Some even have pen holders. Browse their selection here.

The tracking feature of this wallet is sewn inside the leather, so any thief would need to actually cut it out in order to prevent tracking. This extra step may make it more likely for your wallet to be found.

You first download the app, then set perimeters on it to get alerts when your wallet is a certain distance away from you (and your phone). You can also set silent zones so you won't get notifications in certain places.

Connected over low energy Bluetooth, you won't completely drain your phone's battery just monitoring the wallet.

There's a wide range of prices on Woolet's depending on what you like. The Woof Glow Vegan is $109 with its own introductory video here, for one example.

Here's our handy comparison summary of Woolet:

Woolet wallet card capacity: It depends upon the model you choose. My Woof Glow Vegan holds up to 8 cards. Most models provide an ample section for cash and hidden within that section is a small hidden pocket for stashing secret keys or whatever you like to hide. You could probably fit some coins in there, but not many.

Waterproof? You can opt for a high quality calf leather or an eco-version with vegan leather instead. Neither are advertised as waterproof.

Anti-theft security features: Some Woolet smart wallets have an anti-theft alarm, most have tracking and will let you know when you've left the wallet behind and its last known location.

Bluetooth tracking capabilities: Yes.

Wireless charging specs: Yes! You can buy a charging pad from Woolet or use with an already existing Qi charger if you have one. A charge can hold for about 6 months, depending on usage.

Solar-powered? No.

Ekster smart wallet lifespan & battery life: This is unknown, but they seem durable and warranty info is here.

App: Yes, the Woolet app.


  • Impressive features
  • Wide selection of very good-looking wallets (most with attractive two-tone stitching and interior fabric) to choose from in a variety of colors (both men's and women's wallets and a bevy of other products and accessories)
  • Quiet zone feature is nice if you don't want notifications in certain areas


  • Interior pocket (behind regular card slots) holds an additional slot on most models - which is difficult to get cards into once removed with the pull tab
  • Larger than others when full, thicker than a full inch, not slim or sleek at all (but great if you like to carry a lot with you- these can generally hold a lot)

Bottom Line:

A brilliant wallet with a wide assortment of features and accessories to go with it. This is great for anyone who wants a quality wallet and doesn't mind if it isn't the slimmest in the room.


Touted as the 'one of the world's smallest smart wallets', German-born FOCX combined sleek design features with sharp technology to create a unique product for the minimalists.

With the inner pull-tab, the FOCX Everyday Wallet lets you slide in as many as ten cards, made easily accessible with a light tug.

The outer strap serves as a money clip, where users can fold their bills and slide them in horizontally. This introductory video shows a brief demonstration on how it works.

It's also RFID skimming protected and includes a programmable NFC tag, which allows you to carry your data along for your adventures.

Since their first model became so popular, FOCX came up with 3 new designs. Check them out here.

If you like the FOCX Everyday Wallet, you can pre-order one here on their Indiegogo for $36. It's due to ship in August.

Here's our handy comparison summary of FOCX:

FOCX wallet card capacity: The makers say that the FOXC Everyday Wallet can hold up to 10 cards. You can also put in cash, keys, or other items as shown above.

Waterproof? The NFC tag is water-resistant. The wallets are made of leather with a wax finish, so not so much.

Anti-theft security features: FOCX wallets are RFID-skimming protected on one side.

Bluetooth tracking capabilities: No.

Wireless charging specs: It does not charge.

Solar-powered? No.

FOCX smart wallet lifespan & battery life: They're built with high quality materials, so are quite durable. They don't include batteries.

App: No.


  • Lightweight, minimalist design
  • Affordable
  • RFID blocking and NFC tag carry-along


  • Exposed edges on cards may be uncomfortable when in pants pocket
  • Still on Indiegogo, but is due to ship in August

Bottom Line:

Great for those who like to bring the least possible. So light, you may forget it's in your pocket (unless an exposed card edge jabs you, that is).


Creators of wallets, iPhone/iPad cases, and more, Nodus is a UK-based company with retailers worldwide, offering global shipping free of charge (for orders over 30 GBP). There's even a handy currency converter on the top right of their page which switches from GBP to EUR or USD so you can read the prices correctly according to the money used in your location.  

Two of their main products are the Compact Wallet and the Hi-Fold Coin, each shown below. 

The Compact Wallet is really compact, but can fit up to 10 cards and includes a pull tab to make them instantly accessible when you need them. It's RFID protected on one side only, so you can pay conveniently with cards on the other side. A further description follows its image, the first featured below:

Their newest Hifold Coin model comes in 3 colors and carries it all — cards, cash, and coins. RFID blocking shields all cards kept in the innermost slots while the others can be used for quick payment elsewhere in the wallet.

Ranging in price, you can purchase Nodus wallets (and other products) here.

Here's our handy comparison summary of Nodus:

Nodus wallet card capacity: Varies. The Hifold Coin carries 4-10 cards plus some bills and has a space for coins. The Compact Wallet holds up to 10 cards, plus some bills and one key.

Waterproof? No. Customers should care for the leather on their wallets as they would any other leather.

Anti-theft security features: Nodus wallets have RFID blocking features on some parts of the wallet, not on others.

Bluetooth tracking capabilities: No.

Wireless charging specs: These don't charge.

Solar-powered? No.

Nodus smart wallet lifespan & battery life: They're built to last a long time, but do not specify life expectancy on these wallets. . They don't have batteries.

App: No.


  • Chic design allows enough cards and room for cash while staying stylish
  • RFID protection on one side keeps those cards from being skimmed 
  • Smooth, attractive leather


  • Some had difficulty with card clash in their wallets, which was solved by placing a business card between them
  • Pricey

Bottom Line:

These are very attractive, well-made wallets. Pricey, too. If they serve your needs and you don't need anything more high-tech than this, though, go for it.


Baggizmo makes smart wallets, Qi chargers, carryall bags, and more. The  star of the show is definitely the Baggizmo Wiseward, though — an anti-theft smart wallet with the works! 

Made in Croatia with premium Italian materials, the Wiseward starts with Bluetooth tracking (for both your wallet and phone), it also has proximity detection, geolocation, movement monitoring (a gyroscope and accelerometer track the wallet's movement) and fall detection (it knows if you drop it and sends you a notification), a section with RFID protection, a programmable NFC chip for all your data, lights inside the cash slot provide counterfeit bill detection, there's a magnetic sensor that alerts you when your wallet is being opened, and more.

It comes in six colors and two different texture designs, too.

Both men and women can shop for smart wallets at Baggizmo

To get the Wiseward and an accompanying Qi charger (you'll need it for  wireless charging unless you already have a wireless charger), you'll  pay about $139 here - and that includes free shipping worldwide.

Here's our handy comparison summary of Baggizmo Wiseward:

Baggizmo wallet card capacity: Up to 15 cards and a few bills in the cash slot. Around 5 coins can fit in the vertical card pocket.

Waterproof? They are described on the site as water-repellent, and there's this:

Anti-theft security features: There's a sensor that notifies you if your wallet is being opened, a section with RFID protection, movement monitoring to alert you if you've dropped your wallet, location tracking if you lose your wallet or phone or accidentally leave one behind (you'll get an alert), and a UV light inside the cash slot to alert you if your cash is counterfeit. 

Bluetooth tracking capabilities: Yes.

Wireless charging specs: The charging time is unknown, but their Qi charger is said to take half the time of most available alternatives.

Solar-powered? No.

Baggizmo smart wallet lifespan & battery life: This is uncertain, but their batteries are rechargeable — just rest them on any wireless charger.

App: Yes, the Wiseward app will be included in your smart wallet kit. Here's some more about it:


  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • Masterfully innovative with anti-theft and tracking technology


  • Some may consider it too expensive (but it does come with a lot of features, so...)
  • One reviewer was concerned about Bluetooth radiation being carried near the genitals (but that isn't exclusive to this brand)

Bottom Line:

We'd like to challenge you to lose your wallet with this stuff enabled. This is the highest level of tech - wallet integration we've found. If you like a lot of notifications for a wide array of wallet situations, you'll get them here.

*All images used above are credited to their respective product websites


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